Leedon Green Condominium – Freehold project in Singapore

Leedon Green is another project that is about the launch in Singapore. It is a brand new project based on residential development in a very prosperous vicinity of prime 9th district in the river valley area. The condo is at a quite reasonable distance from Orchard Road.

Roxy-Pacific Holdings is the one who has launched this fantastic building. IF you don’t know then let me tell you that Roxy-Pacific Holdings is one of the recognized firms in Singapore. The company is renowned for acquiring freehold lands and for building small and affordable buildings in the most affordable prices. The Project is declared to be completed by 2023, but the condo was opened for sale in 2018 in October.



Mainly the Leedon Green Condo is in the spot of River valley as mentioned above. Here the best thing is that it is a minor distance to Orchard Road. And not only this will you find out huge shopping malls around at the walking distance of about 9-10 minutes. All in all, we can say that you are going to get each amenity that is necessary near the green condo such as fast food joints, restaurants, food courts, supermarkets, schools, bank and much more.

Not only this but let me tell you that Robertson Quay is also at a little distance from the Leedon Green Singapore, where you can enjoy the mix of wines at bars, bistros, pubs, alfresco dining and much more.

Shopping and groceries stores near Leedon green

Other accessible things are the shopping malls and grocery centers; then there are many centers near the green condo. Some of them are cold storage The Star Vista, Holland village, Cluny court, Sheng Siong Hypermarket and NTUC FAIRPRICE.


Other recreational places that you can enjoy

If you love sports, then there are some places near Leedon green that you can explore, such as Archery Club, Tanglin Golf Course, and Queenstown Stadium, etc.


Luxurious lifestyle facilities

One of the most luxurious lifestyle parts that I found here is the night time vicinity of the River Charm that is a perfect mixture of an old and new tradition. So, you will have a great time spending time having its view.


The condo flats are all about the features they provide to the residentials. So, let’s have a look at some of the features of the Leedon green condo so that you can have a better idea of what are the best and unique things about the apartment.

  • The apartments are luxurious and are exquisitely designed to provide a high comfort level to the residential.
  • It is located in the prime district of Singapore making it enticing and even more appealing
  • MRT stations are at a very less distance to the condo
  • Last but not the last is that it has a progressive payment scheme

These are the highlighted features of the Leedon green condo Singapore, which makes the people compelled to have their own flat and why shouldn’t it be like that when the condo building location is quite fundamental.

10 Reasons for you to consider One Pearl Bank by Capitaland

Reasons  to consider  –

When searching for the next place to create your home convenience is a great element to take into account. Well, future residents of One Pearl Bank condo will appreciate the convenience that prevails in this part of Singapore. With nearly everything in this condo location located right near your home, you get to live a more comfortable lifestyle. Amenities and facilities are in abundance so that you don’t have to cover long distances to bring supplies.

Contrary to the old District 3, this region has become transformed into a vibrant enclave packed with several developments that suites residential living. You can find a plethora of food choices, boutiques, shopping destinations and much more around the neighborhood. To give you a glimpse of what this area has to offer, here are some of the things that you can look forward to enjoying during your stay at One Pearl Bank residences.

Proximity to many places

Situated close to the CBD, the advantage you get living at One Pearl Bank is exceptional. This area is well connected with roads and MRT lines that deliver quick transport. With an excellent transportation system, accessing a variety of facilities in the area is made possible. You’ll be able to save lots of times traveling between places.

The future residents of One Pearl Bank can get anywhere they need using their cars or the multitude of bus services provided in the area. The roads make travel across the area a breeze. One Pearl Bank is located near NE3 Outram Park, NE4 Chinatown MRT, and EW16 Outram Park.

Outram Park is the closest train station to One Pearl Bank, other channels around the area offering complete train companies include Queenstown, Redhill, Tong Bahru, and Commonwealth.

Prospective residents of One Pear Bank will enjoy the convenience they get from the established transportation network coupled with the proximity to a plethora of amenities and facilities which provide for their day to day requirements.


District 3 does not just deliver vibrancy; it’s packed with several educational institutions which will provide for the needs of households with school-going children. The schools are conveniently situated enabling your children to get to school on time. Besides, the area is well connected making commuting to colleges easy.

With the availability of schools which cover almost all of the educational levels, parents residing in District 3 should have no worries. With proximity to the CBD and fantastic transport network, parents may even drop their children to college as they head to work.


Residing at One Pear Bank condominium will appreciate the access to unlimited shopping spots. The shopping paradise features enough malls to provide for whatever you may need during your stay in district 3. The majority of the shopping malls feature eateries, banks, grocery, supermarkets, fashion stores, cosmetic stores and much more. Besides, the majority of the malls are just a walking distance away from your house at One Pear Bank delivering utmost convenience that you will enjoy.

When you will need a through retail therapy, just visit the nearby Pearls Centre just 6 mins walk away. The shopping malls boast of about 199 shops providing various services. Some of them include hairdressing salons, traditional Chinese medicine stores, beauty centers, coffee houses, travel agencies and more. It is just next to Outram Park NE3/EW16 and Chinatown NE4 MRT making accessing the mall simpler. The One pearl bank floor plans and layouts will also impress you.

Good Entertainment and food

Clarke Quay is another incredible shopping area next to One Pearl Bank. Clarke Quay features several godowns and warehouses which haved been transformed into an entertainment and playful lifestyle centre. It has several retails shops, entertainment spots, wine bars, restaurants and more. It is a great place to visit if you want to experience a bustling market atmosphere.

Tiong Bahru Plaza is also a great place for shopping. Other retail options you have around include Chinatown Point, Concorde Shopping Centre, IKEA Alexandra, Alexandra Central Mall, Amara Shopping Centre, icon Village, 100 AM Shopping Mall and Anchorpoint. Queensway Shopping Centre makes a good choice for sports and fitness fans as it features several established sports brands.

The respectable Orchard Road shopping belt is only a couple mins drive away. Access to Orchard Road enables the prospective residents of One Pearl Bank to store in the world’s famous shopping destination. This place offers a cutting-edge shopping choice featuring flagship designer boutiques, restaurants, entertainment options and more.


Singapore Property Expected To Improve In 2019

Singapore property and rent prices are predicted to increase in 2019, with the increase of capital investments from the cross-border industries. Singapore has been the most priced silicon hub for the industries, and hence, the cost for the public as well as private sectors have increased at a significant rate.

According to the rise in the rates for private homes in the second half of 2018 has been studied and the prices for homes are predicted to rise at least 5 percent in 2019. Singapore housing market is assumed to be overpriced. However, there is a need for improving demands and supply in the hub.

As the housing demand increases in Singapore due to the rise of industries, the supply is starting to decline due to insufficient private land area. We see the rise in the potential demands from the HDB owners who are eligible to upgrade their apartments after meeting their five-year minimum occupation period requirements. HDB is the biggest contributors to the demands of the multinational companies in providing the apartments which they buy from the public developers.

Singapore property

In 2017 and 2018, nearly 20 billion Singapore dollars were spent for the bloc payouts. These payouts are yet to be deployed back into the property market. Most of the private developers have to pay back to the industries, and this is the year, which will constitute the maximum amount of investment. The deployment is supposed to boost S$10 billion sales-per-year condo market.  As the household revenues have reached new heights, the GDP growth remains the same for Singapore. As the mortgage rates continue to rise,  the home prices will continue to rise.

Other sectors, such as malls have also increased their rents to one percent compared to 2018 after a five-year decline.  It is supposed to grow even more in 2019 but at a slower rate. As the supply is limited, the prices for hotels also predicted to increase at least one percent. In 2018, the prices increased three percent. 2019 will slow down the rates of biennial meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions (MICE) event, which has reduced the guests to arrive in Singapore for stays.

Real Estate

The industries, however, demand less than what is being supplied to them. Industrial rents will inflect in 2019 after a slight decline in 2018. The possibility of gaining growth in the economy due to the rent have been predicted as positive. There has been an improvement in the leasing interest in the logistics space. The industrial tenants have been holding back to expansion plans since 2018 in public housing, which will increase the rates of the rents if paused for a longer period due to more demand and lesser estates for industrialists.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Becomes World’s Most Expensive Office Market As Asia Enjoys 45 Billion Dollar Commercial Property Investment

Hong Kong has surpassed London for being the most expensive office market in 2019. According to the reports from CBRE, the average costs for leasing the best office space in the market for the best location has increased by 3.6 percent globally in the past year. Today the most expensive markets for offices are Hong Kong Central with $322 per sq. Ft. per year and London’s West End with $222.70 per sq. Ft.

As the market for Hong Kong increases, Asia gains more market overall with 14% in the first quarter of 2019. Asia sets a new world record with 45 billion dollars invested in the market. Hong Kong’s position has dropped to sixth place in the world’s most liquid investment markets and dropped from fourth to fifth place on cross-border investments especially in the regions of Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Beijing.



New trend rise

Although Hong Kong faced a slight depression by the end of 2018 and performed weaker in the first quarter of 2019, now the market is tending to raise again. Today the investors are positive that the trend will continue to grow throughout the year. Joseph Tsang, the managing director at JLL in Hong Kong, comments that the industrial properties will outperform in the property investment market, due to new measures in the Government’s Revitalization Scheme.  The central government is a major carrier of all the processes in industrial levels in Hong Kong and Singapore. With the government’s “Greater Bay Area” initiative, Hong Kong is developing links with Macau and other cities of the pearl river delta. Local and foreign investors are now targeting assets for the capitalization on future growth.


Foreign investments on the rise

Foreign investments have increased in China the highest investment done by both domestic and foreign groups have been estimated to be 3.4 billion US dollars, which is the highest quarterly record up until now. The CBRE has pushed out reports on the market occupancy cost in the first quarter based on a central location, modern infrastructure and transit options, including prime social amenities and Hong Kong Central,l stand on the top of the list followed by London, Hong Kong, New York and Beijing. The rates fall down to upto $187.77 per sq. Ft. in Beijing, which is still considered a high value.

According to the reports, an investment of 2.6 Billion dollars was done for cross border capital globally in Shanghai. This has been the second city in China to be on the top of the list for the maximum capital investment in the Industrial sector. Other than China, Japan has also been a strong performer. When Hong Kong experienced a decline in year-on-year investment activity, Tokyo was the most active city in transactions in the first quarter of 2019. Domestic groups and primary corporate accounted nearly 83% of the real estate investment.

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