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Singapore, while having one of the highest rates of home ownership, has the most expensive real estates, which is surprising. On what basis do we make a comparison between the countries? Should we compare the prices based on one type of building or the area covered by the building? All of these questions need addressing as housing is an important sector in a government to develop their economy and control the use of land, grants ownership, impose taxes on the property and often builds them.

Singapore roughly has 75% of public housing, and the Housing Development Board manages its provision (HDB, which is a government agency. Public housing is reserved only for the Singaporeans. The remaining 25% is private housing which can be purchased by anyone except for the landed properties which are largely reserved for Singaporeans. Many internationals real estate comparisons do not include public housing for its records, so if only private housing sales are to be calculated for the average in Singapore, it might not be very accurate in the total stock calculation. In a report, it was found out that after including HDB the median resale price across all property segments in 2018 was 563,000 Singapore dollars. The HDB and executive condominiums sales accounted for 63 percent of all resale transactions in 2018. Meanwhile, the median private non-landed rescale price was 1.3 million Singaporean dollars. The report concluded that Singapore is, in fact, one of the most expensive housing markets in the world.

On comparing the Singapore market on an international level, the record of landed property or the square foot cost provides significant results. Whereas, comparison based on housing that the non Singaporeans can purchase provides different results overall.

Real estates

Today Singapore stands on second spot after Hongkong with the housing cost up to 874,372 us dollars in the international market. The main reason for Singapore housing to be so costly is being the financial hub. It is one of the most developed business markets in the world with the best quality infrastructure, as well as economic and political stability. Singapore stays on the top list for the multinational companies to establish their headquarters. These factors are responsible for the increase in the cost of properties in Singapore.

However,  it has been noted that the average price growth in Singapore was slower at 1.1 percent, whereas the price growth in Hong Kong was recorded to be 5.5 percent and 11.2 percent in Shanghai which is the third city with the most expensive housing rates. Other cities in the list of the top most expensive cities in Asia are Shenzhen, Beijing, and  Mumbai.

With more industries building their foundations in Asia, it is sensible to say that the estate business is going to flourish in Singapore and other Asian countries. The government is finding out the best ways to put forth their schemes in the market with the best plans in real estates.


Explore luxury in your residence with Avenir

The condos in Singapore, newly launched The Avenir are the next name for luxury. As the owners can see their home built on the ground, you will be proud to have a condo in Singapore. For the owner of the abode and will allow you to be the part-owner of all amenities. Below are the benefits that you can avail by living in a condo:

Sweat all your fat in your personal gym:

Nowadays, everyone is a fitness freak that allows you to work out regularly. If you are an owner of any condo based in Singapore, you can use your elevator and go to your gym for solving the problem. The Avenir, although you are sharing the ownership for the gym with the surrounding unit owners but can enjoy the privilege of owning a gym to be used at any point of time. As you do not need to take the cab or look for the nearest gym in your city. As far as fitness programs are concerned, there should be no ifs and buts in following the exercise schedules. Never burden yourself with the weight-loss program instead enjoy the ownership and implement your most profound desires of being fit regardless of your age.

Enjoy your pool for your residence:

The swimming pool is being arranged for the owners of the condo unit and allows the owners to take the privilege of the swimming pool as per your desires. We all know that swimming lessons enable the user to pay quite a considerable amount to have access to a specific part of the swimming pool or enjoy the membership of the nearby club. While staying in a condo, these issues will never arise. You and your loved ones can plunge in cold water for the pool anytime as you want. Try to feel the soothness of cold water and aid your aching back after a tiring day of work. The Avenir condo new launch offers all such amenities and their maintenance at a reasonable cost for the owners.

If you are hosting any part but you do not have enough budget to shoulder your expenses for the same. But once you are an owner of the condo in Singapore, you never need to bother about the amount that you love to spend on the best venues of the party. As the authorities present allows you to hold your rights at the swimming pool.


Relishing the luxury you can even host a Carribean theme party at the beat of drums and sway your legs. You didn’t have to spend any money to feel wonderful on the island and the luxurious amenities of lush green landscape, swimming pool, elevator, open-air windows are just a blink away. Apart from the same, the condos will help you to stick to your budget needs and allow you to enjoy the simple luxuries without spending a fortune. The Avenir condo new launch is one of the best options for the people looking for luxury housing and exploring the elite lifestyle.





Leedon Green is another project that is about the launch in Singapore. It is a brand new project based on residential development in a very prosperous vicinity of prime 9th district in the river valley area. The condo is at a quite reasonable distance from Orchard Road.

Roxy-Pacific Holdings is the one who has launched this fantastic building. IF you don’t know then let me tell you that Roxy-Pacific Holdings is one of the recognized firms in Singapore. The company is renowned for acquiring freehold lands and for building small and affordable buildings in the most affordable prices. The Project is declared to be completed by 2023, but the condo was opened for sale in 2018 in October.



Mainly the Leedon Green Condo is in the spot of River valley as mentioned above. Here the best thing is that it is a minor distance to Orchard Road. And not only this will you find out huge shopping malls around at the walking distance of about 9-10 minutes. All in all, we can say that you are going to get each amenity that is necessary near the green condo such as fast food joints, restaurants, food courts, supermarkets, schools, bank and much more.

Not only this but let me tell you that Robertson Quay is also at a little distance from the Leedon Green Singapore, where you can enjoy the mix of wines at bars, bistros, pubs, alfresco dining and much more.

Shopping and groceries stores near Leedon green

Other accessible things are the shopping malls and grocery centers; then there are many centers near the green condo. Some of them are cold storage The Star Vista, Holland village, Cluny court, Sheng Siong Hypermarket and NTUC FAIRPRICE.


Other recreational places that you can enjoy

If you love sports, then there are some places near Leedon green that you can explore, such as Archery Club, Tanglin Golf Course, and Queenstown Stadium, etc.


Luxurious lifestyle facilities

One of the most luxurious lifestyle parts that I found here is the night time vicinity of the River Charm that is a perfect mixture of an old and new tradition. So, you will have a great time spending time having its view.


The condo flats are all about the features they provide to the residentials. So, let’s have a look at some of the features of the Leedon green condo so that you can have a better idea of what are the best and unique things about the apartment.

  • The apartments are luxurious and are exquisitely designed to provide a high comfort level to the residential.
  • It is located in the prime district of Singapore making it enticing and even more appealing
  • MRT stations are at a very less distance to the condo
  • Last but not the last is that it has a progressive payment scheme

These are the highlighted features of the Leedon green condo Singapore, which makes the people compelled to have their own flat and why shouldn’t it be like that when the condo building location is quite fundamental.

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